How to View Excel 2007 and 2010 Spreadsheets Side-by-Side


So, you’d like to open up two versions of an excel spreadsheet to compare differences row-by-row. Seems simple, right? Just open them both up in separate windows and then arrange the two windows side-by-side. Just kidding, it’s not that easy. For some reason, Excel spreadsheets all open in the same application window, which is a real pain in the neck. Never fear! There’s a way to view two Excel spreadsheets side-by-side without using two computers.

Step 1

Open the first Excel spreadsheet.

Step 2

Open the second Excel spreadsheet. You’ll notice that there are now two taskbar buttons for Excel. But no matter which one you click, it pops up in the same window. Frustrating!

two excel spreadsheets same window

 Step 3

In Excel, Click the View tab.

Step 4

In the Window section, Click View Side by Side. By default, this will show your two Excel spreadsheets in separate panes, stacked horizontally.

excel 2010 view side by side

Step 5

To change the orientation, Click Arrange All. Choose Vertical to have them side-by-side, with one in a left-hand column and the other in the right-hand column.

xlsx xls side by side

This is how I prefer to view my spreadsheets.

microsoft excel spreadsheet next to each other

Step 6

To compare content, Click Synchronous Scrolling. Now, when you scroll down on one window, the other will scroll down, too, making it even easier to compare differences.


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