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Is the customer always right?
by Tony Pirog

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I was just analyzing my approach to customers over these few years since I began working for myself, and I realize I’ve adopted an attitude of protective subservience, coupled with a posture of teaching. (The best customer is an educated customer!) I have arrived at a place where I have a workable strategy for just about any kind of residential customer.

It’s more subtle when dealing with businesses. Some corporate customers think they know more than we do, but they don’t. They keep compounding their problems through bad decision making, and we end up taking the blame for them not listening to our advice. I think we’re better off letting those customers go. :-)

Happily all our current commercial clients are sweethearts, and we are mighty grateful to be able to serve them.

New memory chips test clean
when when they are, in fact, defective
by Tony Pirog

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Based on what we see recently, we expect to get a lot more newer computers with memory issues that are difficult to diagnose. We’ve seen two in the past two weeks. It seems that our memory testing programs don’t do a very good job on DDR-3 (the newest kind of RAM).  They tell us the RAM is good when it’s actually defective, and that creates a heap more work for us. Since memory testing is yielding a positive result, we have to eliminate absolutely every other possibility before we come back to the RAM. And today a customer implied (possibly unintentionally) that we were wrong. Sigh. When we replaced the memory it ran steady as a rock! It’s disappointing when you do such a through job and don’t get appreciated for it. Such is life in computer repair. LOL. Some people expect us to work for free. If we give in to that we’ll go out of business.

Thank heavens most of our customers are sophisticated enough to understand that when you come to TPteQ, you get the best treatment in the business. Ain’t many places can say that. :-)

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