Why you should choose TP Technologies over a Discount Service

A customer recently recommended a new client to us from Chicago. After several discussions she decided she wouldn’t make the long trip, so she took her computer to a local discount “technician.” He told her, “Go and get a bite to eat, and I’ll have it ready in 2 hours,” and he was only asking $50! She was delighted, until she got it home and discovered he had wiped her computer and recovered it to factory specifications. All her picture, music, emails, documents, favorites had been wiped irrevocably.

This is what you get with most computer repair services. They don’t even ask or inform. If you haven’t backed up your critical files, it’s your problem. It’s a quick way to make a few bucks and customer loyalty isn’t even considered.

You might pay a little more by coming to TP Technologies (though we’re far from the most expensive out there), but you can rest assured no technology company will provide better service! This is our promise above all others.

On a different note, we’ve had a number of customers tell us recently, “I’m sorry to bother you on a weekend,” or “I hate to call you on a Sunday,” and I told them “I wish more people would come in at weekends!” Please remember that we are open 7 days a week, and weekend customers are always welcome. Just call ahead to make sure someone is available is all I ask.

Tony David and Michael.

Visit Tony’s business site at: http://www.apollosecuritysolutions.com

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